BA (Honours) Business Economics Courses

In the world of business one of the most important and core skills which are needed are the understanding of economics and they how work within the business discipline. Economics play a huge part in the way the world’s finances work and the way that businesses need to perform to hit their business forecast targets.

There are many universities offering BA Honours Business Courses so it is very important to choose the right one for you. You should always participate in research on these universities so you know you will be going to the right place to learn the skills you require. The course itself runs for four years in total and along the way the student will learn all the necessary skills they need to perform within the real world of economics.

In the first year the student will be required to participate in topics such as Business Analysis, Financial And Management Information, Understanding and Managing Customers, Perspectives in International Business and Business Environment. As well as this the students will also be required in year one to learn one module from either Managing Resources or Foreign Language. Another course that is relevent to the Business sector is the MSC Finance course, this offers a concise and informative educational package for anyone wanting to learn more about the world of Finance generally.

In year two the student will set about learning another complete set of topical subject modules which will include Managing Decisions, Managing In a Global Context, Managing Finance, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and finally Understanding And Managing Organisations. Year three will start with the student embarking on a year long work experience placement which would have been arranged beforehand. This work placement will act to provide the student with all the skills they require as well as providing them with a great overview of just how business economics work in the real world. In the final year of the course the student will begin to learn the final group of topical modules which will be required before the final exams.

These topical subject modules will consist of Strategic Management, Industrial Economics, Contemporary Issues In Macroeconomics and Career Management And Professional Development. As well as these core topics the student will also be required to choose two additional topics of study from Global Marketing, Corporate Finance, Operations Planning And Control, Financial Information For Business Decisions, Business In Emerging Markets, Contemporary Issues In International Business and finally Foreign Language. All of the above course topics will have the students work scored throughout the course terms and will all be added together towards the student’s final score. As well as this the student will be required to sit a set of final exams which will be implemented and scored by an independent educational authority. Harvard University in America are recommended for all students that would like to learn in the USA, if however students would like to learn in the UK, we highly recommend the London Business School who are a London University offering Finance, Banking and Business Courses.

There will be many job opportunities available for the successful student to choose from in many industry sectors. The student will also find that there are many great financial packages as available to successful students.